About Pro Pair Poker


Pro Pair Poker was formed in Jan of 2011 after its founder Kobie  “The Poker Boss”  Wilbon, discovered the difficulty of getting started as a professional poker player.  Without ever having any real internet success Kobie wanted to try his hand at beating the game live and putting his stamp on the world of Professional Poker.  Armed with a fist full of severance cash from his 13 year corporate job and no real poker mentor to speak of,  he set forth on his mission.  Quickly he discovered that there were a ton of questions that he did not know the answers to in and out of the poker room.  A slew of menial task which accompanied the lifestyle of a traveling tournament player also reared their ugly heads.  Kobie began to think twice about continuing to take on the life which was infamously known to be “A hard way to make an easy living”.  He said to himself,  “There has to be help”…”There has to be a better way”, but there was no real help to be found.  So Kobie decided to take things into his own hands.  Then Pro Pair Poker was born!

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