Poker Boss at the AZ State Poker Championship Qualifier 08/09/14

“So I hope to get dealt two Aces some time before the blinds get back to me and low and behold I get dealt a suited King – 4 in late position with no raisers in front of me. Might as well have been Aces in the hole to a struggling player like me. So like a wheel of cheese to a lactose intolerant mouse I say what the heck and go all-in. Action folds around to the big blind again, the same guy who beat me out of the last key pot. He has an easy call because the blinds already have him committed to the hand.”

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Nobody’s Boss

“So here I am trying to achieve the impossible. Attempting to do what I had almost given up on doing. I’m going to become a professional poker player at almost the ripe age of 40. Over the course of the next two years I will do whatever it takes to go pro.”

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The Proper Way To Deal A Poker Game

Dealer Shuffling

Dealer Shuffling

Believe it or not… Dealing the cards is a much bigger “DEAL” (see what I did there) then most new players think it is.  It can most definitely be done wrong and today we are going to show you the right way to do it!  The deal can be broken down into 3 actions: 1.) The shuffle 2.) Recognizing Player Seating and finally 3.) The Deal

The Shuffle

The proper way to shuffle a deck of cards is to first place the whole deck face down onto the table and mix them up like the beautiful Sabrina has shown us in the image provided.  Next, you stack the cards back into a deck and perform a proper shuffle on the deck 3 times.  Finally, you have someone immediately behind the dealer cut the deck to ensure that there is no type of (stacking the deck) aka cheating.

Recognizing Player Seating

Before the cards are dealt, it is best to make sure that all of the players at the table have taken their seats.  Someone who is not seated when the cards are dealt should not get to play their hand.  Cards should still be dealt to an unseated player but then after the last card is dealt, their hand should be immediately folded and thrown into the muck.  If a player is out of their seat for an extended amount of time, their blinds will still be put up for grabs and their cards should be immediately folded.

Poker Table Dealing

The Deal

The dealer should hold the deck in the palm of their hand so that the bottom card is covered by their palm and cannot be seen.  They should also take special care to not let any of the card faces show as the cards are dealt (or as we like to say, “Make sure you put some drawers on those cards”).

The dealer always deals the first card to the player immediately clockwise of the “Dealer Button”, which is the white button that is put on the table to represent the dealer position.  This button rotates around the table in a clockwise manor from player to player.  The reason this button is used is in case you have one person at the table who is designated the full time dealer. Cards are always dealt in a clockwise position until the proper amount of cards have been dealt.  The subsequent cards are dealt in the same manor following each betting period.

In the case of a community card game, after the initial deal and following the first betting round, a single card should be “burned” (put into the discard pile) before any flop, turn or river card is displayed.  This is to ensure that the deck has not been tampered with by an unscrupulous dealer in between deals.

Finally, in the event that a mistake is made during a deal, that deal should be declared a “Missed-Deal” or “Misdeal” and all bets/money should be returned to the players.  The hand should be reshuffled and dealt again.  If a misdeal takes place in a casino tournament, then the house procedures for handling of misdeals will apply or a card room manager will make the call on how to remedy the misdeal situation.

Well as you can see… there is quite a bit more to dealing then you probably were aware of or initially thought.  That is why we want to take this opportunity to remind you that tipping the dealers is important.  Let’s take care of the dealers, and in doing so we are continuing to take care of this great game of poker!  Now what are you waiting for… Go start a game!


The Benefits of Tournament Poker

money in the hands

The Benefits of Tournament Poker

The many benefits of the tournament poker game are vast.  Believe it or not, money is far from the only reason people participate in tournaments.  But for those potentially new players who may be reading this… Many of the following listed bennies may appeal to you as well:

  • Fun
  • Respect
  • Social Interaction
  • Accolades
  • Confidence Building
  • Competitive Participation
  • Celebrity
  • Trophies
  • Jewelry
  • Strategic Development
  • People Reading Development
  • Personal Development
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Time Passing
  • Since of Purpose
  • And of course… Cash Prizes!

So did anything on this list strike a cord with you?  I’m sure several of them did!  Many who discover this wonderful game find that they get quite a bit of value from many of the listed benefits.  You may be an ex high school athlete who is looking for that next big thing to satisfy your competitive itch.  You might be of a retirement age and looking for a fun social outlet or hobby that can help you pass the time.  Maybe you are a college student who plays now and then with friends and just happened to see yet another person your age win millions in the World Series of Poker Main Event on television.  Wouldn’t you like to experience that level of respect and celebrity for yourself?  Don’t you want to be a part of something meaningful?  Are you looking for purpose, or maybe just an excuse to travel?

No matter what your reason, just give the game a try because you will see for yourself that it is a great game.  A small morsel of success does something wonderful for your confidence and will resonate to your personal life as well.

Pro Pair Poker is here to make your first step into this wonderful world of tournament poker, as easy as pie.  We offer free and reasonably priced training and tools that will quickly catapult you to respected player status!  Start your journey now and visit us at today!

Get in the game and stay in the game… with Pro Pair Poker!

Chip stacking… serious business, or a silly discussion?

The way that you stack your chips, handle your chips or even bet your chips, can give off a lot of information to other players at the table. It is critical that you are aware of the many different ways you can give off information, and that you understand how to interpret the information other players are giving you. In this article we will be providing helpful information that will hopefully prevent you from looking like a total “fish” at the tables.

Many of you may be surprised, but the way that you stack your chips can really tell a lot about you. For instance if you clumsily stack your chips, you are announcing to many of the other players at the table that; “Hey this guy does not know how to handle his chips,” therefore he’s probably an amateur or not very experienced. Players will likely look to take advantage of you if they see that. However someone who shows a command of their chips by handling their chips very well, will give off the opposite impression that they’re a very seasoned player, and apparently they’ve played a lot of live poker. That player comes off like they have a lot of tournament experience and as a result opponents may look for other ways to take advantage of you, or maybe they will just try to leave you alone and look for a weaker player to attack.

As you play more and more poker you will see that there are many ways to stack your chips. You will see players stacking chips in triangles shapes, squares, as a tall skyscraper, and any other variety of ways. There’s no particular way that’s better than any other however you have to determine whether a player stacking a certain way for fun, necessity or to keep in line with the rules of the establishment being played in. In certain tournaments you’re not allowed to stack your chips with the higher value chips hidden in back of the lower value chips. In some tourney’s they require you to keep the higher value chips in plain sight so that all players at the table can view how much you have left in chips. I have also played in establishments that do not allow you to stack your chips in two or three rows away from the rail. They have rules that state you have to have over certain amount of chips in order to be able to start a second or third row away from the rail. Although the situations where I have run into this have been during cash games play at some casinos, but again, just be aware of the rules of the house.

Stacking your chips high, or stacking your chips low? When in possession of a lot of chips some players choose to stack their chips very high. Some just because they like to do that and others do it for a reason. By stacking your chips high, it allows you to disguise yourself that much more from the other players. Maybe it will hide your chest area so they can’t see your breathing or possibly it will hide some of the facial expressions coming from your mouth as your chin falls down below your chip stack. Other players may be doing it as an intimidation tactic, to give off the impression that they have more chips than they actually do. Players at the poker table tend to stay away from the larger chip stacks because they don’t want to go head-to-head with a large stack. Choosing to confront someone with a large chip stack could force you to put your tournament life on the line. On the other hand, someone who is stacking their chips low, when they are in possession of quite a few chips, could be doing it for the opposite reasons. They may want you to see their breathing patterns because they’re planning on giving off some false tells or some false facial expressions to indicate that they may be weak. They are simply trying to bait you into going up against them in hand because they have premium holdings or maybe they just feel they have a read on you and can outplay you in any hand.

The way a player sits there chip stack out on the table when making a bet also tells quite a bit about them. If they stack their chips neatly out in front of them when betting and their reach does not extend out very far toward the center of the table with the bet, subconsciously they are thinking that they are going to win the hand so they don’t want to mess up the chips and put them very far out of reach. They must have a good hand because they are expecting to win the hand. On the flip-side of that coin, someone who tosses their chips out on the middle of the table in a messy fashion, as to put on a big intimidating show, most likely has weaker holdings and is trying to bluff or intimidate you away from the pot.

So as you can see from this commentary, chip stacking is far from a silly discussion. Follow this helpful info and you may quickly learn how to disguise your play and how to pick out the person who obviously didn’t get to read this top notch piece of literature! Be sure to visit the Pro Pair Poker website and look for some of our upcoming training videos on this very topic and so much more!

Not Knowing Poker Terminology Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Did you know that a lack of poker terms knowledge could be hazardous to your health?  We will explain to you why that is later in this article, but for now let us explain to you why poker terms are so important and what you can do to increase your knowledge.

Watching poker on television or even live in the casino can be somewhat of an intimidating proposition, but in all reality it really isn’t all that complicated to follow.  The key to knowing what’s going on is to have the basic terminology of the game down.  You don’t necessarily have to get the language of poker down to a science, but knowing just enough of the key terminology will give you the tools to follow along very easily.  The rest will eventually come to you after investing many hours in watching televised poker or playing live.  Below are a couple examples of terms you may hear on a televised poker show.  If you can follow along then congratulations, you are on track to becoming a poker genius!  If you are reading along and the phrase “Not So Much” comes to mind, then you have a little homework ahead of you.

Example 1: “Little Jimmy strangely limps in with an Ace – 10 off suit under the gun, in a six handed game when he’s short stacked at less than 14 big blinds. David makes a smart look behind with Queen Jack suited as they go to the flop. Jimmy leads out with 70 K and is stuck calling David’s shove. Given he’s got two straight draws and some over card value, plus on the rare occasion his opponent has a worst draw and he holds up, David made the right decision fast playing his two pair in this texture, as Jimmy was committed to calling with a fair amount of his betting range.”

Translation:  Jimmy bets the minimum with his Ace and 10 of different suits in the first position after the blinds, in a game that involves six players, and Jimmy barely has any chips left.  David calls Jimmy’s bet with a Queen and Jack that have the same suit, as they wait to see what three community cards the dealer will lay out on the table for all players. After the cards come out, Jimmy bets 70 thousand and David goes all-in… etc…etc.

Example2: “In another hand we cut to Little Jimmy opening with 70k and 12 big blinds with ace nine in the cut off. Which again likely plays better as a shove, but hey at least it’s not a limp. I find it curious that Jimmy’s opponent Cesar doesn’t shove over Jimmy’s flop bet, but if he believes Jimmy to be a major station and won’t fold many of his ace rags or even a small pair, then I can see why he elected to call. I really like the check by Cesar on the turn as he only needs to go for one more street of value to essentially stack Jimmy.   He likely realizes on this texture, Jimmy would simply shove or bet the turn with his stronger hands anyway. I have no idea why Jimmy is calling the river bet anyway though.  What hand is he expecting Cesar to turn over? Jimmy is obviously a loose bad player.”

Translation:  Jimmy starts off by betting 70 thousand and only has 12 times what the big forced bet is which means he is almost out of chips, and what’s even worse is he is in the last position at the table which is a position of strength but is not playing strong.   Going all in is a much better play at that spot.  At least Jimmy didn’t bet the minimum this time… etc…

So you see, if you know what the terms are, it is really not that complicated to follow what is going on.  This is just a small taste of what it can be like to listen to a broadcast of a poker event on television or watch the game live from the rail. Which brings us to the most important and life saving reason we are glad you had the fortune to read this article today.  When the game really gets intense you will hear so many more confusing words and phrases that your head could literally explode, and we don’t need perfectly good poker fans heads exploding across America.  That just wouldn’t be good for business… or for anyone.  But seriously though.   Terms such as “Shove” were not even part of the poker language just 3 short years ago.  With an influx of new online blood coming to the game every year, bringing a new language with them, the lingo continues to change.   As a result, being a good player requires us to stay up on the latest in poker lexicon.  If you’re interested in learning more about the poker terms that were discussed in this article, or if you just want to ensure you stay a healthy player with a good head on their shoulders… please visit the  website and click on the poker terms link.  Hope to see you there!

Beware Of The Academy Award Callers

It happened to me twice today at the local spot, Paradise Cove.  Two callers and 2 great speeches!  Here is the situation.  I bet the flop and he calls.  I check raised the turn and after some brief hesitation the guy says ” I’m probably a donkey for making this call”.  Then when I check the river to him he bets out with a bet half the size of my stack.  After all of the action to this point I am sure he has something pretty solid but I don’t know this guy from Adam and make a stupid call anyway.  Turns out he flopped quads!  So Sick!

In the second instance with another guy heads up, I bet out 3/4 pot after the flop and after opening with a 3 bet.  The guy goes into the tank for a full 3 minutes and says “It is break time after this hand and I should probably fold this hand but I need to see one more card”.   Then he calls.  After the river card I shove and he insta-calls.  Turns out he flopped a full house… 3’s full of 4’s.  So take a lesson from my ass kicking and Beware of the Academy Award callers!

Strive to find your “Pair of Deez”

Pair of Deez????  Pair of  Deeeez Nutz!  The “Nutz” meaning Aces in the hole!  Two red aces to be exact, “Also known as the “Pro Pair”.  Join us on the PAIR OF DEEZ BLOG to learn more about being an up and coming, wanna-B, Poker Star, in the age of the online poker star boom.  Here we will discuss poker situations, educational tools, hot poker topics, the latest in techniques, and if we must… some bad beats!  Also you will be able to follow me first hand as I chronicle my quest for stardom as a poker professional or flame miserably in a bloody bankroll massacre!  Don’t miss a moment.  If I go bust you will see me scramble to build my bankroll back up or hustle to scrape together the entry fee for the next big tourney.  This could be a train wreck or one hell of a success story!!!