Nobody’s Boss

        In this column of “Follow The Boss”, I contemplate changing the name of the series to Nobody’s Boss.  The reason for this is twofold.  For starters, I have no employees at this time unless you consider my wife my employee, and I’m pretty sure what the answer to that question would be if we were to ask her who she works for…  I think it would go something like, “Uh No… Nice try though” and “Hurry up and finish the yard because I need you to run to the store”.  So now I’m wondering just who is working for who here.  Second reason to change the series title… “No one knows who the hell “The Poker Boss” is.  Sure I may be one of the best kept secrets thus far in the tournament poker world, but it is only a matter of time until I break out… into a heap of sweat after I take out the garbage and straighten up the garage from the days poker video shoot. 

        I must admit that I expected to be much further along in my poker career by now.  Four score, and one plumbing career ago, I dreamed of being a tournament poker professional.  Playing in the highest stakes games on national TV, and a house hold name in the poker industry with 10 world series rings.  Not so much… Now I just hope to scrub these rings out of the toilet before my company arrives to watch the next wrestling pay-per-view.  But seriously though… Two children, a wife and full time job, make it extremely hard to become a professional (insert dream job here) anything now a days in your spare time.  Between coaching my kids basketball games, working overtime and keeping an online business going, life can be exhausting.  But I don’t have to tell you that… right! 

        So here I am trying to achieve the impossible.  Attempting to do what I had almost given up on doing.  I’m going to become a professional poker player at almost the ripe age of 40.  In a game that has been taken over by young 20 somethings who have barely tasted defeat in their short online poker lives, I do accept the challenge.  Over the course of the next two years I will do whatever it takes to go pro.  I will play in various tournaments and cash games.  I will attempt to amass a bank roll to play in the biggest world series events.  I will share my training regimen and preparation techniques.  We will cover key moments and hands together and I will undoubtedly share more than I should about my life at times, but hey… I’m an open book and a straight shooter.  I am what you see and you get what you get, which is mostly a good thing, thank god. 

        Most who know me would say that I’m a pretty good guy who is very giving and will do just about anything for anybody.  My wife would tell you that I am good father and provider and my friends and family may even say I’m a great dad and husband.  I try to live my life by being a man of high character who treats others how I want to be treated in return.  Even while living my life with those core values, I have still managed to make a few enemies in this world.  Along the way in this poker journey I will surely make many more friends and secure another enemy or two.  But whether my becoming a successful 40 year old start-up professional is just wishful thinking or not, it is yet to be determined.   However the outcome, I will revel in the attempt. 

        You can follow all of the action right here.  There will be defeats, and victories, but definitely defeats.  Oh and the aches and pains will be plentiful as well.  Wow, will it be painful…….  But imagine for one second if I do exactly what I set my mind to do and become a successful pro right before your eyes!  You will have a road map to success laid out right in front of you.  This could be the ultimate poker case study!  I invite you to follow me right here at “Pair of Deez” for the “Follow The Boss” series and updates, brought to you by Pro Pair Poker.  This should be one hell of a ride!

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