Beware Of The Academy Award Callers

It happened to me twice today at the local spot, Paradise Cove.  Two callers and 2 great speeches!  Here is the situation.  I bet the flop and he calls.  I check raised the turn and after some brief hesitation the guy says ” I’m probably a donkey for making this call”.  Then when I check the river to him he bets out with a bet half the size of my stack.  After all of the action to this point I am sure he has something pretty solid but I don’t know this guy from Adam and make a stupid call anyway.  Turns out he flopped quads!  So Sick!

In the second instance with another guy heads up, I bet out 3/4 pot after the flop and after opening with a 3 bet.  The guy goes into the tank for a full 3 minutes and says “It is break time after this hand and I should probably fold this hand but I need to see one more card”.   Then he calls.  After the river card I shove and he insta-calls.  Turns out he flopped a full house… 3’s full of 4’s.  So take a lesson from my ass kicking and Beware of the Academy Award callers!

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