Strive to find your “Pair of Deez”

Pair of Deez????  Pair of  Deeeez Nutz!  The “Nutz” meaning Aces in the hole!  Two red aces to be exact, “Also known as the “Pro Pair”.  Join us on the PAIR OF DEEZ BLOG to learn more about being an up and coming, wanna-B, Poker Star, in the age of the online poker star boom.  Here we will discuss poker situations, educational tools, hot poker topics, the latest in techniques, and if we must… some bad beats!  Also you will be able to follow me first hand as I chronicle my quest for stardom as a poker professional or flame miserably in a bloody bankroll massacre!  Don’t miss a moment.  If I go bust you will see me scramble to build my bankroll back up or hustle to scrape together the entry fee for the next big tourney.  This could be a train wreck or one hell of a success story!!!

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